Cathodic Protection Technician: Reinforced Concrete Structures Level 1 BS EN ISO 15257: 2017

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Why attend this course?

These ICorr courses and examination are in compliance with ISO 15257:2017 and are suitable for candidates without experience in cathodic protection, but candidates are expected to have some site experience in concrete repairs and in they may have been a part of teams installing CP systems in concrete. The courses are also directed to testers or data collectors who collect simple CP performance data For certification to ISO 15257, an examination pass and a subsequent application and assessment by the ICorr Professional Assessment Committee are required.

Course Content

The following topics are relevant to this application sector:

  • The basics of metals & corrosion
  • Basic potential measurement techniques of metals in solution
  • Half-cell potential survey techniques for steel in concrete
  • Resistivity survey techniques for steel in concrete
  • Calibration & checking of NDT equipment
  • Galvanic Anodes (Repair Enhancers) for steel in concrete
  • Introduction to the concept of CP
  • Basic CP system measurements & data recording
  • Introduction to electrical safety in CP

This application sector includes, for example, the following:

  • Atmospherically exposed steel-reinforced (both post-tensioned and pre-stressed) concrete, onshore structures (bridges, walls, piles, buildings etc.);
  • Buried steel-reinforced (both post-tensioned and pre-stressed) concrete structures (pipelines, tunnels, foundations, etc.);
  • Steel-reinforced (both post-tensioned and pre-stressed) concrete structures immersed in fresh water (pipe lines, foundations, swimming-pools, water tanks);
  • Steel-reinforced (both post-tensioned and pre-stressed) concrete structures immersed in seawater (harbour facilities, piers, jetties, offshore platforms).

The topics of this course are fully set out and described in ISO 15257 Clause 6. The rules governing training, examination and certification are set out in ICorr QPD.

Available Courses:

Course Date Course Price Exam Price Course Location
Cathodic Protection Concrete ISO Level 1 / 2024 26/03/2024 – 28/03/2024 £630 £360 ICORR Training and Examination Centre, Telford


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