As the COVID-19 continues to spread, our thoughts go out to anyone who has been impacted. As an organisation, The CPA has business continuity measures in place, and we are confident that the service we provide members will not be adversely affected, despite the obvious challenges right now.

The CPA  have taken the following measures  with immediate effect:


As a result of the corona virus outbreak, and in line with current guidance, we have decided to cease all organised face to face meetings. This is inclusive of the following meetings:

  • CPA General Meeting 23rd June – cancelled.

There will be further announcements regarding meetings and any changes in due course.


The CPA are here to support our members through this period of uncertainty by providing industry guidance and advice, which will cover some of the most commonly asked questions.

Our updates will predominantly be on social media, through the Structual Concrete Alliance, to limit traffic in our members’ inboxes, enabling focus to remain on their companies and staff.

You can follow The Structural Concrete Alliance on social media here:



Corrosion Prevention & Cathodic Protection for Concrete and Masonry Encased Steel

The Corrosion Prevention Association represents consultants, contractors and manufacturers working in the field of corrosion prevention for reinforced concrete and masonry encased steel.

The CPA acts as the leading authority and source of information on the subject of cathodic protection, and other electrochemical treatments including realkalisation, desalination, chloride extraction, corrosion inhibitors and the use of galvanic and impressed current anodes in cathodic protection systems. The CPA aims to ensure a greater understanding of the preservation of reinforced concrete structures and masonry clad steel framed buildings.

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