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Cathodic Protection, Training, Assessment and Certification Scheme

The Institute of Corrosion (ICorr) Cathodic Protection, Training, Assessment and Certification Scheme is an International Certification Scheme that evaluates the competence levels of cathodic protection personnel in accordance with BS EN ISO 15257:2017. This scheme is designed for the competence assessment and certification of cathodic protection technicians, engineers and specialists performing inspection, testing, performance assessment, investigation and design in various cathodic protection fields and is operated and administered by ICorr. ICorr is responsible for developing, enhancing and distributing knowledge relating to corrosion and its control.

ICorr offers Buried, Marine and Concrete courses (Level 1-3) to provide the necessary training for the Certification Levels. The Award of Certification is based on both the training and the experience of the candidate. Successfully completing the courses and passing examinations is insufficient. Candidates must complete the ICorr Certification Application Forms below and submit them directly to the Institute of Corrosion. For CP Level 4 please see the information below.

To find out more, view available courses for 2024 and to book your place, please visit the ICORR website

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