The CPA has through its Technical Committee produced a wide range of advice of all aspects of corrosion prevention techniques including cathodic protection, realkalisation, chloride extraction ,galvanic anodes and corrosion inhibitors. Other important issues dealt with are monitoring & maintenance, training & certification, stray current as well as budget costs.


Design Manual for Road and Bridges

The CPA assisted the Highways Agency in the preparation of the following document

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Standards for Repair and Protection of Concrete

New British Standards for concrete repair resulting from Europe wide standardisation are being introduced


Corrosion in masonry clad early 20th century steel framed buildings

Technical Advice Note 20, Historic Scotland, Edinburgh, 2000

NACE TM0294-2016

NACE has published the revised test method for impressed current anodes for steel in concrete. The new standard can be downloaded from the NACE website

Electrochemical rehabilitation methods for reinforced concrete structures

J Mietz (Ed) European Federation of Corrosion Publications

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