The CPA is the professional trade association for the corrosion prevention industry. 

The Corrosion Prevention Association (CPA) represents consultants, contractors and engineers working in the field of corrosion prevention for reinforced concrete and masonry encased steel.

The CPA acts as the leading authority and source of information on the subject of Cathodic Protection and other corrosion techniques. The CPA encourages research to ensure better understanding of the preservation of reinforced concrete structures and masonry clad steel framed buildings.

The Corrosion Prevention Association (CPA), together with the Concrete Repair Association (CRA) and Sprayed Concrete Association (SCA) form the Structural Concrete Alliance which provides a single co-ordinated voice for the structural concrete refurbishment and repair industry.

The Alliance organises CPD seminars, presentations and demonstration days which are held throughout the UK. See our event page for further information.


The Association’s principal objectives are:

  • to identify, quantify and communicate the principles and benefits of corrosion prevention to those who have an interest in or influence the design, construction, use, maintenance, preservation and investment in reinforced concrete buildings and structures;
  • to promote the corrosion prevention of reinforced concrete where it is the correct technical and commercial solution;
  • to maintain the highest professional standards of conduct and quality in all aspects of corrosion prevention of reinforced concrete.


The Association conducts its business through General meetings which are open to all members and specialist committees addressing Technical and Publicity issues. The elected officers are:


Homayoon Sadeghi Pouya
CPA Chair (Atkins)
Dave Simpson
Jim Preston
Past Chair (Corrosion Prevention Limited)
Chris Atkins
Alliance Technical Chair
Marc Riley
CPA Treasurer (Currall Lewis & Martin)
Lauren Fairley
Sarah Starling
Membership Secretary
Emily Rainforth
Marketing Executive
Caroline Peck
Event Co-ordinator
Diane O'Dell
Accounts Manager