2022 – Cathodic Protection On-Land (Buried) Structures ISO Level 2

 In Training 2022

Why attend this course?

The course and examination are in compliance with ISO 15257:2017 and are suitable for candidates with or without experience in cathodic protection. Please note that full certification to the level requires a minimum duration of 1 year’s approved experience.  The course is also suitable for those who merely require an appreciation of Cathodic Protection of Buried Applications (underground and immersed metallic structures) without pursuing certification.

The following topics are relevant to this application sector:

  • CP general principles and specific applications in soils and waters;
  • CP measurement techniques;
  • protection against corrosion by stray current from direct current systems;
  • interference alternating current and direct current;
  • touch potentials.

This application sector includes, for example, the following:

  • buried onshore pipelines;
  • sections of onshore pipelines crossing rivers, lakes or short lengths of sea;
  • landfalls of offshore pipelines protected by an onshore CP system;
  • buried tanks;
  • bottoms (external side) of above-ground tanks;
  • complex structures
  • well casings;
  • buried plant modules.
Level 2 Spring Course
This course is now fully booked
This course is now fully booked
Level 2 Summer Course
15th August - 19th August 2022
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